Hello friends!

The new chapter is coming along great. As usual I want to make sure that any work I put forth is my best yet. On the flip side, this means that there will be a hiatus at the end of this chapter in order to give me time to produce the new chapter. Truly sorry about that, but I don’t want to lower the quality of my work in order to make a deadline.

It’s difficult to estimate when the new pages will be up. The current one, chapter 3, will end on November 6. I will need perhaps another 9 weeks to finish inking, and then another 20 to colour it all. Yes, I know that’s a long time. Believe me, I wish I could make it faster. Loosing you guys is what worries me the most. I will look for opportunities to spend more time on the pages and keep you posted with updated timelines. Of course you can always check out my progress on instagram and I will answer any mail I receive.

In the meantime, this create an opportunity for fellow comic book artist to showcase their work. In the following weeks following the end of chapter 3. I will post art featuring my characters I receive along with a link to their comic if they have one. So if this interests you, get in touch with me.