I always aim to improve my work. This is why your feedback is so important to me. As much as I like hearing that you loved something, constructive criticism is also crucial for my improvement and development. Here are some of the findings I got from my book. Some of you who are thinking of launching your own, might find this useful.


I’m satisfied how the campaign worked out. I will definitely do this again when the time comes. My goal was never to fully fund the printing, although it was tremendously less stressful to already have most of the funds ready to pay the printer. What I found more useful was to get a feel of how many books I had to produce to meet demand.

  • Make a better intro video
  • Think of better, more enticing rewards when reaching tiers.
  • Go with Kickstarter, not Indiegogo. Although I liked the fact that there was no minimum on Indiegogo. Kickstarter is just more common and overall looks more serious.
  • 2 months was too long and didn’t really help I think.
  • Have the book finished before the campaign was a good idea and helped a lot.


I do get a lot of good comments, especially on Webtoon, from people who like my stories. But after posting Ixian and Trinket, I’m not sure that including short stories like this is something people like so much. Perhaps staying on course with the main story is a better choice. I really don’t know about this, so your feedback would be really nice here. One’s thing for sure, the main story has barely begun. I can’t wait to share with you the next chapter… Check my instagram for sneak peaks….


Obviously to a lot of you I bet, I’m not a native anglophone. So yeah some weird sentences or errors will popup I’m sure. If they do, please let me know. I can’t afford to have my comics reviewed professionally. That would be really nice, but I don’t foresee it happening anytime soon.

Bonus content

While a lot of people like bonus content, here’s a few things I will aim to change in my next issue:

  • Only provide bonus content that is linked to TFTI
  • Limit such content to 10% of comic pages
  • If I have more, I could save it for a future release or even a stand-alone book
  • I haven’t decided yet, but in the scenario of another crowdfunded project, the material could be limited to when I reach a higher tier.


Shipping is still troublesome, one thing I found out though is that I can ship my books for less than $5 as long as it is within Canada. What does suck is that the clerks will often try to sell you the more expensive solution and you sometime have to insist. I haven’t any way of cutting shipping cost for US & International. My best hope now would be to find a way to stock and ship items from within these countries. Sadly with my small volume of order, I don’t see it as a possibility.


This is just a quick list of things that came to my mind, If I find more, I will add them here.

If you have anything to contribute, please don’t be shy or think you will hurt my feelings. I need this because most people will never say anything when something doesn’t work for them.

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