I often end up with hundreds of layers when I’m in the process of making a page. Here’s an overview of the big steps involved. Of course I always try to improve my workflow. I’m interested in hearing about your process, do you do thing differently
See the final page here



What you see up there is actually a pretty advanced storyboard. Generally I’m the only person who can understand the first version.

Step 1



Usually when the storyboard is done, I will lower the opacity to 30% and draw on top. What you see here is a abandoned version. It was boring and lacked dynamics.

Step 3



To help with research, my wife and I would venture into public and take pictures in different poses. A cashier at a store got mad at us, but art has its price!Step 2



One of the great advantages to working digitally is that it becomes very easy to play with opacity of inking and tracing. You can adjust as much as you want until you’re happy. However, this presents a problem – seemingly endless tinkering to get something “perfect”. But you have to stop eventually…Step 4


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