As well as posting my comics on this blog, I’ll post some of the research I do. Here’s a fun little exercise for my daughter’s fifth birthday. Tried different colour treatments. Enjoy! All done on photoshop with my trusty Cintiq 22HD.
Colour treatments examples
First (Flat colours)

With some simple line colouring. My inks are always on a separate transparent layer. Working digitally really simplifies that process. To color the lines, you can simply put a color overlay on top. I don’t really like pure black in my drawings.

Second (line art)

Before colouring.

Third (Half-tones)

Kinda pop-art-y. I started from the painted version (fourth drawing) and transformed the colours into grayscale. I then applied the halftone filter and went back to RGB to paint over the halftone using lighter colour layer effect. Pretty funky.

Fourth (Painted)

My painted method has been the same for a while. I basically keep the brush opacity to 60% and sample to get middle tones.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!