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This comes up often, people who start making comics often wonder what resolution to use.

I’ll make it simple: Just work as big as your computer will let you. It will allow more flexibility in the future for ads or reusing assets. But beware that performance will be largely affected by how you work. If you use a lot of layers, or a ton of effects or smart objects for example, performance will be greatly impacted.

Do a few trials to see what your computer will handle. You don’t have to care so much about PPI, as long as you have enough pixels, it should be fine. I work in 4800×6600. You can click the image above for a 800% zoom that will show you the size of my pixels. And for comparison purpose here’s the complete panel, the zoom is on the iron maiden.

complete view

If my computer could take more, I would. Make sure you have a large bleed area. This is another way to insure flexibility, your comic can be printed in a variety of format.

Here’s a nice trick: Colors don’t need as much sharpness as lineart. So one think you can do:

  • Save your lineart in a separate file in high resolution.
  • Lower the resolution and color your page. You should notice a performance improvement, especially as your page becomes more complex.
  • When done, raise the resolution again. Photoshop is pretty good at interpolating so it should do a OK job.
  • Paste your lineart on top.

Questions? Comments? What resolution do you work in? Please let me know in the comments below!

If you want to know more about how DPI/PPI work, check out this excellent article.

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